Sealed with a Kiss

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She added that most children naturally asked their parents to stop kissing them on the lips when they reached primary school-age, usually because they were embarrassed in front of their friends. I think this point is significant. After all, relationships evolve. Try getting a kiss on the lips from a surly unwashed teenager and see what happens.

The greatest surprise for me in all of this is the amount of discussion time given to Dr Renzick’s views, but perhaps, given the inflammatory nature of the topic and the current climate of sex abuse scandals, I shouldn’t be. As the controversy abates, however, Dr Renzick might consider whether she has made a serious misstep here. Parents are willing to take advice on almost anything that relates to their child (which is presumably her source of income), but when you set your sights on something as sacred, innocent and inviolable as the bond between a parent and child (and how they express that bond) you’d better step carefully. Any action that seeks to defile or diminish this is likely done so at her peril.

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