The Kids Are Alright

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We have to foster independence. Without this how can we hope our kids will be streetwise enough to avoid dangers out there. Of course we must approach this with some common sense. Throwing them out the car on a family trip with a packet of matches and a roll of loo paper is probably not the best idea, but there are little things we can do. Allowing them to walk to school or at least part of the way ( you can always follow behind) is a small thing, but it can be an incredibly empowering for a child. Life as an adult is full of minor crises, but so is a child’s. We must give them the tools to deal with them. Parents must work out where their boundaries lie, but it’s important to set your child free.

I seemed to have digressed a little. I was talking about the state of the world today. I suppose the point is, the world seems terrible and maybe as a species we do a lot of awful things, but the truth is we’re no worse than we were. As social media gleefully gives us the crowning head of every disaster, we see a lot more of the bad and a little more of the good. We have more opportunity to feel worse about the world, but we are no less safe for it. Don’t worry, the kids will be alright.

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