Personality goes a long way


Borderline Personality Disorder: What a parent can learn from a therapist’s experience. I was lucky enough to attend a really fascinating workshop on this personality disorder recently and I realised that as a therapist the insights gained were incredibly useful in themselves but I also realised that there was a lot of learning for mothers … Continued

The Effects of Maltreatment on Brain Development

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  I read an article recently on the effects of maltreatment on brain development in children. It was such a concise and informative overview of recent developments in this area that I decide to reproduce the article (with the kind permission of the Child Welfare Information Gateway) in its entirety and make it available below. Click to … Continued

Addiction is a Fantasy

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Did anyone catch the debate on addiction and crime with former friends star Matthew Perry and Peter Hitchens on Newsnight at the end of 2013 ? I just happened by it recently whilst pottering around on YouTube. If the personage of Peter Hitchens has passed you by, he is a journalist, Christian apologist and brother of the recently deceased polemicist and secularist Christopher Hitchens. Perry is apparently a … Continued

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