Is China’s war on girls over?

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Naturally, his solution has provoked outrage on the internet and I mention it because it is symptomatic of a larger problem that bedevils China. If ‘consenting’ adults wish to be in a multi-partnered relationship that is there business, but the incredibly offensive and misogynistic idea that women are a commodity to be managed and bartered with rather than individuals requiring any kind of consideration is troubling indeed. Such demeaning discrimination is further compounded when one considers that it was the one child policy (and its tacit acceptance of gendercide) that led to the imbalance in the first place. His solution suggests that the very women who survived and survive this ongoing gendercide should without complaint or consultation take their place as wives to several men.

Clearly this man is an idiot. Let us hope all concerned continue to see him this way. Perhaps a better solution might be to impose some measures to help combat selective sex abortions. One feels however, that the only real solution is to abandon enforced birth limits altogether.

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