If you prick us, do we not bleed?

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Their subsequent response to the controversy they created has done little to clarify their position. Indeed, it’s unclear whether they believe that IVF is synthetic only when utilised by gay couples or in general. If it is the former then they clearly have a few issues and if it is the latter, then that’s tantamount to suggesting that we should all subscribe to the philosophy of ‘What will be will be’, which leaves a whole lot of women who cannot conceive traditionally out in the cold. One should also remember that the whole predestined, it’s God’s will shtick, cuts more than one way. Are we supposed to leave those with other illnesses to simply lament their misfortune? After all, there’s nothing natural about radiation therapy or an AZT cocktail. There’s a whole bunch of chemicals in play there and it saved a whole lot of lives from their community. Besides, dehumanising any group of people never leads anywhere good and I challenge them to reiterate the charge of artificiality when faced with the free thinking child that egg will become.

I think the problem is that they themselves are not sure what they are saying. I think their comments represent a perverse attempt to amalgamate their lifestyles with what they refer to as ‘traditional family values’. Guilt, real or perceived, is a destructive force. Who knows, maybe some of that good ole Catholic dogma passed down by mom and pop has convinced them that it’s okay to be gay as long as they don’t give it to anyone else.

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