The art of discipline

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Permissive Parenting is in some ways a watered down version of the above. Although not absent they do their child a disservice by not being fully present. They regularly fail to discipline them, wishing to be perceived as a friend rather than a parent. They desire to be available and open to their child and believe the best way to facilitate this is by being excessively lenient. As a result many bad behaviours go unchallenged. The effects of this is catastrophic. Kids crave structure, consistency and they like to know what is required of them. The outcome for such children is bleak. They tend to struggle academically and their failure to respect authority or rules makes them ill-equipped to navigate the world successfully. They may be prone to depression and have issues with self-esteem.

I think you have probably guessed where my proclivities lie. Of course we are not perfect and parenting can be an erratic enterprise. We are all capable of being over-authoritarian or perhaps a little preoccupied at times, but we must be mindful of what we want our child to be as adults. It is worth reminding ourselves now and again what it takes to make this happen.

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