In Loco Parentis


I’m not suggesting that all independents should be scrapped, but rather the system in which somebody can suggest that a perfectly able child is not ‘good enough’ needs adjusting. The other side to this coin of course (and it may look like I am contradicting myself a little here) is what has been referred to as ‘snow plough’ parents. These are individuals who endeavour to remove all obstacles to their child’s success in the hopes of promoting success, self-esteem and avoidance of failure. I probably don’t need to elaborate why that particular approach might be flawed. I will say however that it is just as likely to produce manic, anxious, depressed and/or deluded individuals. I’ve seen first-hand when this bubble is penetrated. The outcome can be violent and explosive.

There is no real conclusion to this blog. These affluent parents have their own set of problems. I suspect their solutions are not all that different either.

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  1. Claire Calvey

    Funnily enough I’m writing a column only today about children and the magic of Christmas, with a focus on how modern parents feel that spending more money on their children equates to a more magical experience for their children, with for example trips to Lapland or the like. When I asked my eight year old, for the purpose of the column, why he found Christmas magical, he replied without prompting that it was because daddy was around all the time and we got to see relatives. I was quite surprised by this response. Have you seen the Ikea Christmas ad about this?

    • Becs Eyre

      That’s a very powerful ad and says so much. It was interesting how the parents found it quite painful to recognise that it is simply their time the kids wanted most. A lesson for us all. Thanks for sharing. Let’s hope it goes viral and makes parents stop and think. It sounds like your 8 year old has the right idea!


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