I would as soon leave my son a curse as the almighty dollar. Andrew Carnegie

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Someone once said to me that the most important thing in life is love and health. They forget of course that health and money are not strange bedfellows. But, putting such musings aside, would I say I agree with this? Absolutely, but I would also caution that without a pot to proverbially piss in it’s not as much fun. Money is a great facilitator and if used in a mindful way it can be an immensely positive thing. Money does not make a person. Parents, family and upbringing do this. Thankfully, for all the Conrad Hiltons that are out there, there are also those who, having satisfied their material needs, divert their energies to helping others.

To imagine that one’s child will automatically be corrupted by money is to do everyone involved a disservice. Children are indubitably individuals, but that crucial time in which they are nurtured under your tutelage will forge that part of their soul that forever mirrors yours.

I can’t help but think these doubters should have a little faith. Life is bleak and short enough without wishing that our misfortunes are visited on our children.

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