The Agony and the Ecstasy

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So of course every little milestone met is magnified. This life that I brought into the world is mine. One day she will grow and go onto have her own, but for now she is dependent on me for her survival and for her happiness. And that part of me that I see in her gets to re-experience the world anew.

But it is not all roses. The mother’s path is a difficult one. From our baby’s birth we are gifted not only joy but fear. As if in some cosmic balancing act we are in that moment of exultation bestowed a lifetime of anguish. We are forever stalked by a deep unspoken terror, wriggling just beneath the skin, that something might happen to our little one. The loss of a child is something I cannot imagine. The very notion of it sends my mind spinning like a whirling dervish into a chasm of impossibility.

So, given what we have and what we have to lose maybe we can forgive Jade Rivthen if she a gets carried away cherishing her little one once in a while.

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